General Safety Briefing (Training)

In addition to any specific risk assessments, all students MUST follow the operating rules below:


If you don’t fully understand – ‘DON’T DO’

Any ambiguity, uncertainty or lack of clarity as to the scope or detail of any safety directive or risk assessment must be raised with an instructor.


Report safety issues.

If you think there is or has been a safety issue report it to an instructor immediately.


PPE must be checked and used as directed.

You must check that all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be appropriate for the task as described to you, used correctly, and checked for serviceability prior to the task commencement.


All safety systems described in Risk Assessments shall be applied at all times.

Risk Assessments are available in the classroom.


You must:

  • Meet the fitness entry criteria as described in the joining instructions and medical declaration.

If in doubt you should ask the course instructor.

  • Remain vigilant as to your own safety and that of others.
  • Remain disciplined to work within a framework of systems and procedures.
  • Remain adaptable to changing circumstances and constantly monitor any changes that influence the nature of the risk.


Ensure all safety systems are checked by an instructor prior to use.


Instructions from supervising staff must be followed at all times.


All watches and hand jewellery should be removed prior to training activities.


In addition to normal training issues due care is to be taken at all times with regard to the following:

  • Movement of vehicles near training areas.
  • Other people in or moving through training areas.
  • Wash/disinfect hands prior to eating.
  • Manual handling of rescue loads.


First Aid kits are located in:

  • Main classroom kitchen area.
  • Top training room (trauma pack with oxygen)

An emergency telephone is located in the office for 999 calls.


Incident response “grab” sheets are located next to the first aid/trauma packs in:

  • Main classroom
  • Top training room


It is vitally important to note the special circumstances which may occur when training within rescue environments and/or undertaking realistic training:


  • The degree of risk changes with inclement weather over which we have no control.
  • Individuals cope differently to the perceived dangers of risk situations.
  • Individual fitness, ultimately represented in degrees of fatigue, requires a range of coping abilities.


Remember to use good manual handling techniques.

Realistic training and working in rescue situations has the potential to produce loads outside of normal guidelines. Students have a responsibility to minimise such manual handling tasks or activities as well as their impact and to monitor individual capability to achieve such tasks without personal injury.


All personal protective equipment will be treated with the utmost care and regarded as totally integral in the risk reduction process.

While staff will ensure as far as possible that these matters are adhered to it is equally a matter of personal and group responsibility to constantly monitor behaviours, awareness of PPE of others etc. Any personal anxieties should be raised immediately with an instructor.


If you suffer any injury, no matter how slight, during training or if you become ill you must notify a member of staff immediately.

Any perceived shortcomings in the safety briefing and/or risk assessments detail concerning any aspect of the training must be raised immediately and notified for adoption within our risk assessment procedure.


Ensure that you have read and understood all aspects of this document.


Ensure that you clarify any lack of understanding with your course instructor.


Ensure you completed the medical declaration form.


Ensure you have completed the electronic registration form.


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