Confined space rescue

Emergency Rescue and Recovery from Confined Spaces

Course Duration: 2 days

Pre-requisits: Valid Element Safety CS3 certificate (within 6 months)

Theory: 30%

Practical: 70%

Valid for: 12 months * (Competence requires annual revalidation)

Price per person: 

Initial course = £580 + vat

Revalidation (includes Medium and High Risk) 1 day = £350 + vat 

This course is designed for:

Anyone required to form part of a team assigned to standby at the entry point and, in an emergency, provide an immediate rescue response for those within the confined space.


Course aims:

To train and assess individuals to safely enter, treat, rescue and recover persons who have entered spaces which, due to their enclosed nature, their access/egress issues, lack of ventilation and their specified risk/s have been classified as confined spaces.


The course covers:

  • Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work for rescue entry
  • The role and responsibilities of the rescue team
  • Procedures for rapid entry
  • Environmental monitoring in a rescue situation
  • PPE for rescue teams
  • Rescue equipment including stretchers and rope systems
  • The use of tripod and winch for stretcher rescues
  • Escape Breathing Apparatus in a rescue situation
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for rescue use including set removal and entrapment
  • Roles and responsibilities of the entrants, supervisor and manager in a rescue situation
  • Practical trauma care and resuscitation including the use of oxygen
  • Practical casualty rescue scenarios including multiple casualties


 * Rescue Team Competence

Such is the seriousness and potential skill fade when you are the ultimate answer (Rescue role) to the problem
We have a requirement that rescue skills have to be revalidated annually to maintain competence.

This will be in the form of a skills update, practice and assessment day which will revalidate all confined space entry and rescue skills.
  • Annual training and updates for all Confined Space Entry and Rescue Levels 
    • Reduction in Skill fade (updates and practice every 12 months rather than massive updates every 36 months)
    • Reduction in Risk for all
    • Better trained
    • Higher standards, confidence and morale.
    • Less down time (one day training rather than multiple days)
  • Maintenance of competence will be recorded externally by Element Safety
    • Audit Trail


  • No added cost (over time)
    • Initial training cost 
      • [High Risk Entry & Rescue] - (year 1) CS3 & CS6 courses
    • Rolling programme (year 2 onwards)
      • Annual training cost per rescue technician (1/3 of Combined CS3 & CS6 course)
      • No further costs
  • Qualifications are rolled over
    • Every Revalidation (annually) extends High Risk Confined Space Entry for a further 3 years.
      • Should the rescue technician no longer be required for rescue (12 month revalidation lapsed)
        • - High Risk Confined Space Entry would still be valid for a further 2 years
This greater hands - on skills practice and knowledge update is necessary to maintain and continually improve standards and will reduces the risk for all parties at all levels. 

Equipment (Sale or Hire)

MSA Altair 4X Multigas monitor

Crowcon CO2 Gas Monitor

Drager Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Tripod & Winch

Harnesses, Helmets & Lanyards

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus










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